Thursday, June 28, 2012

Garam Masala

Time 30 min
Coriander seeds 500 gms
Cumin seeds 150 gms
Clove 15 gms
Cinnamon 15 gms
Pepper seeds 10 gms
Big cardamom 10 gm
Hing 10 gms
Bay leaves 10 gms
Dagadful 10 gms
Trifhal 15 gms
Javantri 10 gms
Nakeshwar 10 gms
Badamful 10 gms
Halkund 1 inch

Dry roast coriander 3-4 min on medium flame. Roast remaining ingredients seperately using 1 tsp oil for 3-4 min on medium flame. Allow it to cool, then blend in blender.


  1. badamphool in english is Star anise for more information follow the link

  2. can someone tell me what is Nakeshwar. Ramphul , stone flower?
    Please write recipes with known English language if you want the whole universe to know what's going on?
    thanks Sarika Sawant thanks for the information on badamphool.

  3. Many ingredients don't have English names. I am lucky that a local Indian store has started to carry dagadphool. It looks like lichen but gives off a lovely perfume!

    I think nagkeshwar is mesua ferrea and triphal is sezchaun peppercorns. Cubebchini is kubeben peppercorn. Javantri is mace. Not sure about ramphul.


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